Caricatures, musicans, ballet, market and others

A castle at Lake Balaton Hungary

At Lake Balaton in Keszthely Hungary 35 x 50 cm ink pen. Download

A castle by the sea

In German castle and padlock is the same name "Schloss"

Talking a lot from the castle and have a padlock

A castle in the country

The Sternstein (mountain in Austria) from the view in front of my house 35 × 50 cm ink pen

In the vineyard in Keszthely Hungary.

In the wineyard 2005 Keszthely Hungary. Graphite pencil drawing 30 × 42 cm

Ballet Anton Bruckner private University

Ballet of the Anton Bruckner private University 2008 Linz Austria

Market Keszthely

Market Keszthely Ungarn. 2008 ink pen 15 × 21 cm.

Drawing of a violinist

Blind drawing with left hand. Graphite pencil 21 × 30 cm

Linden tree Pencil drawing

Linden tree 1995 Oberneukirchen Austria. Graphite pencil 30 × 42 cm.